Crafting a user experience through wireframing, wire-flows, and prototyping based on research and analysis


Leveraging Color, Composition and Brand to establish a unique voice within the marketplace


Telling a story to better communicate your goals to an audience throuh motion, timing and sound

Front End-Dev

Building highly responsive touch points utilizing HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery

Maurice Novembre

With over 10 years of experience in creating quality mobile, web and interactive applications, my high-leveled expertise allows me to perform all projects assigned with accuracy and efficiency. I am confident that my contribution would be a valuable asset for your company.

I have considerable experience in maintaining client and vendor relationships and am professionally skilled in various computer applications including but not limited to HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver. My communication and analytical skills are superb, and I always provide above-average results, consistently knowing what the client wants and delivering all of their expectations. I am dependable, hard-working, and value myself as a strong ethical and dedicated leader with a proven track record in professionalism and quality service. I am experienced with training well-rounded creative teams that add value to each project as well as the company.